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folegandros pasithea

Built above the sea on the beach of Agali, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, the rooms Pasithea is available to all visitors to provide a memorable stay on the island, in a family environment and overlooking the sea.

The largest church on Folegandros, dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

It is built on a rock above Hora, probably on the site of an ancient temple, building materials from which were used for its construction.

You can see ancient inscription, sculptures and statue bases in the courtyard and the interior of the church. The temple used to belong to a nunnery.

There is a marble epigraph dating from 1687, which refers to the renovation of the temple. The church took on its current form during the restructuring that began in 1816 and was completed in 1821.

The icon of the Virgin Mary that can be seen in the church is linked to pirate stories and legends of Folegandros. In accordance with an old Folegandros custom, the icon is carried to all the homes on the island at Easter.

To reach the Panagia church, follow the cobbled street starting at Pounta square (15’).